GitHub and Firebase

Resouces on how this webpage was setup


A central location to host research notes.

  • Simple
  • Accessible
  • Quick


The appeal of Static Site Generation checks the box of staying simple. Writing notes in Markdown is something I’m already familiar with. The ability to select a pre-built theme is appealing.

Jamstack maintains a list of top SSGs.

SSG Provider

JekyllDefault for GitHub Pages. It relies on Ruby, a Language I’m not familiar with.
ZolaWritten in Rust. Ran into complications with the recommended GitHub Action
DocusaurusUsed at work. I’d like to try something new.
HugoSelected for this project. Multiple theme support and large community. Fast.


  • Needs to align with research/documentation objective.
  • Neat looking dark mode.
  • LayTeX / KaTeX support
AcademicMultiple configuration options with a large community.
DoksSelected for this project. I had selected this when experimenting with Zola SSG. Great Dark theme with search capability. Focused on Doks rather than the researcher.


The repository for this project lives in GitHub following the format that aligns with user/organization name. This gives us the option of using GitHub Pages.

From Jamstack to SSG documentation there are references to Netfly. The pricing model makes it easy to get started then charges after a resource consumption limit.

If I’m going to pay someone I’m going to align with a major provider. Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services come to mind. I’ve heard good things about Google’s Firebase, so that is what we’re going with.



This issue presents itself when using a custom Google Domain.

Modification to the project’s firebase.json file following Firebase’s documentation removed some of the errors.

As a workaround we’ll just stick with the default domain.